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Lake navigable, over 6 km long, located at the foot of volcanoes Hualca Hualca and Ampato, exotic wildlife shelter.

The Colca Canyon with more than 4160m of depth, is home to a variety of flora and fauna that correspond to its many different microclimates. In its exposed cliff faces one can se more and 500 million years of the earth´s geological history.

A set of hot spring pools in Chivay

In the “Cruz del Condor” one can see the condors in all their splendor, in flight or perched nearby.

Is a beautiful snow-capped mountain with an elevation of 6025m and the form of a giant staircase. It is also the Apu (mountain god) of the Cabanaconde.

An important ruin from the culture of the Wari Empire, it is found on top of two knolls (Hatun Kallimarca and Huchui Kallimarca) behind Cabanaconde. From the site of the ruins one is also greeted by great views of Cabanaconde and the snow-peaked mountain Hualca Hualca.

The Cruz del Condor (Condor Crossing) is the main touristic attraction in the Colca. It is a good viewpoint where one can take in all of the beauty of the Colca Valley.

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The Oasis is a relaxing rest stop for the traveler. It subtropical climate makes its many swimming pools well welcomed.

At the foot of the volcanic chain in the Andes, these geysers emanate jets of thermal waters.

The imposing volcano, with 6318m of elevation at its peak, is where the tomb of the mommy Juanita was found.

The town of Cabanaconde is situated at 3,287 meters above sea level on the left-hand side of the Colca Canyon. The town has a beautiful vista of the Canyon, but, additionally, one can take in the many pre-Incan agricultural terraces that surround the town. The town is 20 minutes from the “Cruz del Condor”. The town is known for is smooth, sweet corn known locally as “Maiz Cabanita”.

Located on the right-hand margin of the Colca Canyon, San Juan de Chuccho is known for the suspension bridge located nearby.


Is a small, traditional town with agreeable people that can lead a lost tourist to the trailheads. Here one can enjoy the beautiful landscape accompanied with a good, cold beer.

In Fure one will find powerful waterfalls that leave from the heart of the mountains.

Tapay, a district that pertains to the province of Caylloma, located on the right-hand margin and low in the Colca Valley between 2,800 and 3,000 meters above sea level. Often called the “garden of the Colca” owing to its biodiversity and that it is bathed in the natural waters from the surrounding snow-peaked mountains. One is hard-pressed not to enjoy the agreeable climate in Tapay. The region´s economy concentrates in the production of fruit like lúcuma, pacay, apple, peach, quince, and cactus fruit.

This popular hike starts in Cabanaconde and drops 1200 meters in elevation to arrive in Sangalle. The climate in Sangalle is subtropical and the area welcomes the visitor with many relaxing swimming pools. The hike to Oasis Sangalle is possible to do in one day, but the majority of people prefer to spend the night in Sangalle at one of many available hotels, including the cabins at Las Palmeras.

The viewpoint “Cruz del Condor” is one of most visited attractions of the Arequipa region; it is located just 20 minutes from Cabanaconde. It is only in the Colca Canyon where visitors will have the possibility to enjoy this famous viewpoint. It owes it names,  “Condor Crossing”,  to the fact that this is the best place to view the flight of the condor, truly a king in the Colca Canyon.

In Llahuar one can participate in a variety of activities including trout fishing and bathing in hot springs. Also, on the way to Llahuar, the visitors can witness naturally formed geysers.

Malata is a small, traditional town that has a museum of “traditions of the region”, including traditional hats for dancing wititi and traditional tools used for agriculture.

This viewpoint is a natural formation located on the left-hand margin of the Colca River. Located at an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level, from here the observer can appreciate the depths of the Colca Canyon, the Mountains of Chila, and the archeological sites of Kakatapuy, Otupara and Kosñirhua. Also one can also distinguish the beautiful town of Tapay and its smaller annexes.

Within the many amazing viewpoints we find that of Achachiwa, from where one can observe the geological formation that comprise the gardens of Sangalle and its suspension bridge.

It is found only 15 minutes walking from the main square of Cabanaconde.

Twenty minutes in car from the “Cruz del Condor” one finds the viewpoint of the Restaurant La Granja. The visit is free and in addition to the impressive view, the restaurant offers the visitor a varied menu of a delicious fusion of Andean foods.

Lake Mucura is found at an altitude nearly 4350 meters above sea level. The volcanic mountains of Hualca Hualca, Sabancaya, and Ampato surround its location, in the district of Cabanaconde.

To arrive at the lake one must take a truck leaving from Cabanaconde for a trip of two hours. Once at the lake the presence of flamingos and many other exotic bird species amplifies the amazing views.