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Tourist Places

Is a beautiful snow-capped mountain with an elevation of 6025m and the form of a giant staircase. It is also the Apu (mountain god) of the Cabanaconde.

At the foot of the volcanic chain in the Andes, these geysers emanate jets of thermal waters.

The town of Cabanaconde is situated at 3,287 meters above sea level on the left-hand side of the Colca Canyon. The town has a beautiful vista of the Canyon, but, additionally, one can take in the many pre-Incan agricultural terraces that surround the town. The town is 20 minutes from the “Cruz del Condor”. The town is known for is smooth, sweet corn known locally as “Maiz Cabanita”.

Located on the right-hand margin of the Colca Canyon, San Juan de Chuccho is known for the suspension bridge located nearby.


Is a small, traditional town with agreeable people that can lead a lost tourist to the trailheads. Here one can enjoy the beautiful landscape accompanied with a good, cold beer.

In Fure one will find powerful waterfalls that leave from the heart of the mountains.