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Monday 21 de March del 2016
The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, on March 10 of this year, to mark the successful completion of the program "Al turista lo Nuestro 2015" distinguished from other establishments at Kuntur Wassi Hotel with and important diploma and...
Wednesday 04 de June del 2014
Descubrimiento de caminos y cavernas en las cercanías de la cruz del cóndor
COLCA  CANYON - CABANACONDE By Walter Tinta Junco. The appeals of the magnificent Colca Canyon are like hidden treasures that keep on showing up as we explore its infinite depths. In recent walks in April 2014 and guided by Eloy Cacya --...
Wednesday 24 de April del 2013
Turistas rusos
In our hotel, we had a lot of visitors and friends from around the world. A group from Russia   Un grupo de ellos, de la lejana y amistosa Rusia, were kind enough to mention us in their fabulous experience in Peru. Take a look at heir stories...
Monday 01 de April del 2013
Promoverán visitas al Volcán Sabancaya
The Sabancaya Volcano will become the tourist attraction of the Colca Valley, Arequipa. The intense seismic activity and volcanic fumaroles that records a few weeks Sabancaya volcano, located in the of the Colca Valley, turn it into a tourist...
Monday 01 de April del 2013
Origen del Nombre del Colca
The native chronicler Guaman Poma in his work Nueva Crónica y Buen Gobierno, bringd to light a very eloquent engraving entitled DEPOCITO OF INGA COLLCA. This engraving tells us that the Colca served as a warehouse (or a desposit) for food,...
Monday 01 de April del 2013
La Guerra de los Apus
At the dawn of the world, when the earth was flat, in out part of the planet the seas flooded to where s the present day city of Arequipa and the plains of Majes stand. At that time the rivers of the coast they were just streams, and in the...
Myths and Legends
Monday 01 de April del 2013
Eleuterio Llasaca was 12 years old and was the oldest of five siblings, while attending the 4th grade of elementary school in the village of Cherjac. Eleuterio loved physical education and mathematics, where he received high marks, and he was the...
Monday 01 de April del 2013
Valle del Colca: "Un Misterio a la Orilla del Cielo"
In this corner unsuspected of southern Peru, nature erupted a day to give snowy mountains, farming terraces and huddled villages and the volcanic fury opened a scar in the landscape, which today is one of the world´s deepest canyons. You...