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Experiential Trips School

Excursion escolar Arequipa, Escapada escolar arequipa coca
Excursion escolar Arequipa, Escapada escolar arequipa coca
The KUNTUR WASSI HOTEL in partnership with THE COLCA FARM restaurant organizes ecotourism tours with specialized guides routes and trails throughout the area. To this end it has developed a program EXPERIENTIAL TOURISM SCHOOL under the slogan "Travel, Understand," on topics: Leisure education, environmental, historical interest - Civic - Cultural and Scientific Interest Technology, with the aim of these trips represent a didactic support for the work of teachers in primary and secondary levels; promoting creative education, involving teachers, students and parents, that the fact of being an outdoor activity is a healthy activity, and very entertaining, relaxing and tasting our delicious food and drink, which becomes an unforgettable memory, one of the most anticipated experiences and discussed throughout the year.
"Experiential" tourism is an exciting new tourism proposal, allows hikers to get involved in the daily life of farmers in the villages of the Colca, establishing a close relationship with the peasants and artisans, their families and communities, for a closer their daily work, their customs and their way of life, where a process of encounter and interaction between people from two different cultures will. This relationship will meet the people closely involved in allowing their routine activities. This is combined with the rich cultural heritage of the ancient inhabitants the "Cabana and Collagua" which retain vestiges of a great culture which can be seen in the archaeological remains, their language, their crafts and customs. This Andean peasants living with the Colca canyon, also requires a cultural visitor response itself, which also allows to know your own cultural and technological manifestations, such as your dances, myths and legends, your own agricultural techniques and hopes and future prospects you want to share with our farmers throughout your stay.


Experiential tourism activities that arise require minimal time in the Colca 3 days and 2 nights are basically the following:

First day:

 7:00 a.m.: Travel from the city of Arequipa to Cabanaconde, paved road and a short stretch affirmed. The trip takes about 6 hours to reach the village of Cabanaconde.

 On the way two stops will be made:

First stop: rural school Pampas Tocra above 4000 masl

- Exchange of educational experiences with children from high Andean rural schools.

- Interaction and exchange of experiences.

- Delivery of memories to the children of the rural school (used toys, books, desks, magazines, clothes, etc..) - Pictures of landscape environment


Second stop Mirador Volcanoes:

- Where a panoramic view of the Cordillera de Chila will have a beautiful view of the Ampato (6,288 m, where the Juanita mummy or lady Ampato was discovered), Sabancaya (5.976m), Hualca Hualca (6,288 m) and glaciers volcanoes: Misti (5,825 m), Chachani (6,075 m) and the Misti (5,597 m).

- Building apachetas, "small standing stone columns" as Apu and appreciation to Mother Nature having a memory of the visit of the hikers.

- Observation of the Flora and Fauna around the road to Chivay.

- Observation and differentiation of South American camelids: llamas, alpacas and vicuna.

 Arrival to Chivay town at approximately 1:00 pm and stop to enjoy lunch.

 Continuation to Cabanaconde along the way will appreciate the pre Inca terraces Choquetico lito mockups, and tombs.

 Arrive at hotel Kunturwassi *** in the afternoon.

 After accommodation in rooms; at 7 pm dinner will be served restorative.

NOTE: In the afternoon of the first day we will have a space of 2-3 hours off about, for which we propose the institution (teachers) who can apply a game with pedagogical strategy; the same as possible on the way to Cabanaconde or after Arrival at Hotel. The alternatives that we suggest are:

- Assemble a Herbarium

- Visit to the various churches in town on the way to Cabanaconde highlight the interest of the history and types of construction.

- Others may suggest and tell teachers what they need to be providing.

Second day -. Visit THE COLCA farm

 Breakfast at hotel Kunturwassi 7 to 8 am.

 8:30 am -. Heading to THE COLCA FARM and arrival at 9am.

 The program will have a duration of 7 hours including lunch time

When you visit the farm, hikers will soar to our roots and move away from technological stunning big cities, where people live in excessive dependence on technology, integrating the nature and practice habits, picking the farming tools to prepare the land and sow as our ancestors did thousands of years ago, and as a sign of fellowship with the environment a tree or a flower, that will endure as a testimony of friendship between two peoples and cultures be sown.


  • Visit the facility and viewpoints of the farm where the landscapes of Colca Colca Canyon (the deepest in the world) was observed.
  • The visit to the farm will be a recreational activity, by interaction with pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits, poultry, alpacas, ponies, group games, workshops, guided by our hosts, matching games and workshops according to age or the degree of training of the hikers.
  • A Bio-ecological garden where hikers will learn while fun (learning through play), highlighting the benefits of consumption and production of food grown in a responsible and healthy visit. The main objectives of organic farming are obtaining healthy foods, higher sustainable procedures, making the soil fertility is maintained and the environment is respected. All this in a sustainable and balanced way.
  • Identification and differentiation of high Andean native varieties of products such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, beans, peas, among others.
  • With the cooperation of trekkers, and vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, some aromatic plants, strawberries) and flowering plants were planted to attract beneficial insects (bees) that provides much help in the garden.
  • A lunch for hikers, they will offer soups and beverages made with organically produced ingredients native place, as Pope, quinoa, oca, beans, corn, also some vegetables that will be harvested directly by hikers.
  • After lunch we will tour the viewpoints is to spot and take pictures of birds and especially the majestic condor in flight.
  • Finally he will attend a ritual of Payment § ¨ Earth (offering to the tutelary Apus)


  • 1:00 - 2:00 pm Lunch fellowship developed based on organic local produce.
  • 3:00 - 4:00 pm Participation in the ceremony Payment to the Earth, recalling ancient rituals of thanksgiving for the goods received from Mother Nature
  • 4:00 pm -.  Return to hotel Free afternoon -. Optional visit craft shops in Cabanaconde.
  • 7:00 pm, Dinner at the Restaurant of Hotel Kunturwassi.
  • At approximately 8:00 pm, around a campfire host hotel will present stories, legends of the place; hikers intervene with their own anecdotes and stories. There will be quiz and the winners free tickets KUNTUR WASSI hotel and restaurant THE COLCA FARM will be drawn.
  • 10:00 pm Break.


  • Breakfast 7:00 to 8:00 a.m..
  • Photo session with typical dress of Cabanaconde
  • Heading back to Arequipa 9:00 a.m..
  • Visit to the hot springs.
  • Lunch in the village of Chivay.
  • Arrival in Arequipa averaging 5:00 pm. Approx.





Schedules From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Season From April to December, any day of the week, excluding holidays and subject to availability.
Quantity Reservations will be accepted at least 20 participants and a maximum of 40 participants including students, tutors and parents.
Freed: For every 20 students 02 released for every 40 students and 04 released; aimed at teachers and / or parents.
Punctuality: Punctuality is very important. In case of late arrival, the office hours will not be extended and the program will be adjusted to more interesting games and workshops according to age and level of education.
Restrictions: It is forbidden to bring food and drinks on THE COLCA FARM.
Spaces make paintings, graffiti in the hotel
Snacks or lunch Lunch the second day of stay is considered within the package and will be served in the facility THE COLCA FARM.
Reservations: With three months' notice and by paying at least 50% of the cost of the budget and the signature of the respective service contract. The remaining 50% will be canceled 72 hours before your arrival date. Discussions or information involve no reservations by phone. Reservations are only through the online response to the contract
Cost per participant: S/.399.40
 transport
 Guide
 Hotel accommodation KUNTUR WASSI *** (2 nights)
 02 Breakfasts
 02 Lunches in Chivay (first day and third day)
 01 Lunch at restaurant La Granja del Colca
 02 Dinners Hotel Kunturwassi
Ceremony  Payment to the Earth
 Photo Keepsake
 Students Tourist Ticket
 Entrance to the thermal baths
Join facilities  Farm
 Assisted by guides and hosts for the educational workshops.
 Mapping Tillage Implements for field workshops.
 Issue IGV tax.
 Note that in the case of the hikers arrive air to the airport of Arequipa, mobility will meet you at the airport
No Includes
 Food and drinks out of the program.
 Accident insurance in FARM -. (Optional).

Budget based on 20 persons (SOLES)

Item Description TOTAL
1 Private Transportation  
2 Guide  
3 Breakfasts (2)  
4 Packed in Chivay (02) lunch at the farm (01)  
5 Dinners Kunturwassi Hotel (2)  
6 Kunturwassi Hotel Accommodation (2)  
7 Keepsake Photo  
8 Ceremony payment to land  
9 Total direct costs  
10 Total without tax 330.00
11 IGV 18% 59.40
12 Grand total 389.40
13 Tourist ticket students 5.00
14 Join the Calera 5.00

For every 10 participants will be released to a parent or teacher based on shared room.