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Here we offer a brief guide to ensure the pleasure of your visit to Peru, through means of a few useful recommendations you can prevent some unwanted hassles during your stay. When faced with whatever emergency you can call the Kuntur Wassi office and we will help to resolve whatever issue.

  • Never transport unknown luggage or packages for people you do not know. It is better to be impolite than put yourself into situations whose end is unforeseeable.  Also you should never let unfamiliar people watch over your personal possessions.
  • Never contract touristic services in the street, always visit an authorized tour agency.
  • Verify schedules in advance, you will avoid extra expenses and headaches. Have in mind the hours of hotels check in / check out, departures / arrivals from excursions, the first / last option for public transport, and at what time offices and business open / close.
  • Consider the option of making a copy of your important documents (passport, credit card, etc.), in which way you will be able to safely leave your originals at your hotel.
  • Investigate which parts of the cities you visit are unsafe and avoid visiting these areas, especially at night. Also, check about the appropriate times to visit tourist attractions.
  • Bring warm clothing for the mountains, light clothing for the jungle, and mixture of the two for the deserts and costal areas, as it can be both hot and cold.
  • When visiting archeological sites close to the city do not stray from authorized circuits and respect the hours of attention.
  • When exchanging money, be careful, only exchange in “casas de cambio” or banks, and be sure to receive a receipt for the transaction.
  • Avoid speaking with unknown persons.  If you need tourist information, approach one of the tourist information centers.